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Pontoon Boat Rentals

Sandy Point

Located on the scenic Santa Fe River, and presents the opportunity to see 3 rivers in 1 day.

Up River

Cruise upriver for approximately 40 min. to the cool clear waters of the Ichetucknee river as it flows into the Santa Fe.

A popular destinations for boaters; you can moor to a cypress tree, turn on your favorite tunes, jump off the boat and take a long swim in the beautiful clear water. Also, a great place to eat lunch and sip an ice cold drink, while making memories with family and friends.

Down River

Once done at the "Itch" cruise back down river passing Sandy Point and Ellie Rays to the Suwannee River. 3 Rivers in 1 Day!


If you continue up the Suwannee you will find sandy beachheads where you can hop off and stretch your legs. Take a dip in the Historic Suwannee before heading back to Sandy Point where you can round out your day with a meal and a drink at Sandy Point Restaurant.

Anderson Ramp

Anderson Ramp is on the Suwannee River, centrally located between Manatee Springs state Park and Hart Springs Park - directly across the river from Fanning Springs State Park.

Up River

From the launch point Hart Springs is 9.8 miles and can be accessed by boat, a $5 per person fee is required for entry to the park facilities including the spring and splash park. 

Down River

From the launch point Manatee Springs is 9.5 miles. No boats are allowed inside the spring run but a dock is available for mooring. a $2 per person fee is required at the iron ranger located at the end of the boardwalk and provides access to all of the parks facilities including the spring. Suwannee Bell resteraunt is located 2 minutes down river on the right side bankThey have docking as well. 

Across the River

Fanning Springs allows boats to moor to the floating dock directly at the head spring. A $2 dollar per person fee is required at the iron ranger on the dock, providing access to the park facilities including the spring.

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