Santa Fe Canoe Outpost

Below you will find several trip options for paddling on the Santa Fe River starting at Canoe Outpost 

Trip 1

A paddle up river. This is an out and back paddle. Allows you to visit locations upriver from the Outpost.

3+ hrs. 

Trip 2

Outpost to Poe Springs. A wonderful down river paddle that allows you to end at the beautiful park Poe Springs.

3+ hrs.

Trip 3

Outpost to Rum Island Park. This is a nice 7 mile down river paddle. Great for those that want to see a few springs.

4+ hrs.

Trip 4

A long down river paddle, but lovely and full of so much to see. Pass over 10 springs for your viewing pleasure.

5+ hrs.

SFR Map.png

Santa Fe Canoe Outpost was recently sold by Jim Wood, who faithfully served the North Florida community for 31 years. Santa Fe Canoe Outpost was purchased by the city of High Springs, in their effort to conserve this historic landmark has asked us here at Anderson's Outdoor Adventures to lend a hand in interim management and basic operations. We ask for patience as we work towards making this location the best starting point for Santa Fe River paddling trips. 

Current operating hours: 7 Days a Week 9-5

We offer Kayak/Canoe Rentals or you can bring your own equipment

You choose your destination, launch your vessel from our rustic outpost, then have fun paddling down the river. When your paddle is over, we'll pick you up and bring you back to the outpost! 

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