Southern Leisure

Welcome to the beautiful springs of Florida! Where you can enjoy the beauty and relax your way down the river. Either paddle your worries away with a fantastic trip on our 8 Springs in 8 Miles,  or take the shorter 5 mile trip to enjoy the beauty and peace that only the Santa Fe River can bring.

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Paddle Trip

December 9th

Visit several springs on this 8 mile (4+ hour) down-river trip, starting at Poe Springs Park and finally ending at Santa Fe River Park. Along the way be inspired by how each spring has its own unique characteristics. Enjoy the relaxation and awe inspiring views of nature on a smooth kayaking Adventure.

Or maybe you are looking for something a bit shorter... We also have a 5 mile (3 hour) trip available. This paddling trip is also down-river, beginning at Santa Fe Canoe Outpost and meanders through the less traveled part of the Santa Fe River. This section of the river is serene with its nature covered banks and finally you will be able to view the tranquil Poe Spring right before ending your trip. 

Choose which one is the Adventure for you...

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