Southern Leisure

Welcome to the beautiful springs of Florida! Where you can enjoy the beauty and relax your way down the river. Either paddle your worries away with a fantastic trip on our 8 in 8, or rise above it all on a beautiful pontoon boat cruising throughout the day visiting many different areas. 

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8 Springs in 8 Miles

The only paddle in Florida where you can experience the beauty of eight springs in just eight miles. This trip allows for you to see so much in one day. Starting at Santa Fe River Park you will be shuttled up to the first spring in the trip to start your down river paddle. Along the way you can enjoy the unique characteristics that each individual spring has to offer.

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Pontoon Boat Rentals

Enjoy a cruise on the Suwannee. Rent a pontoon boat for the day and relax away. 6 passengers and so much fun! 

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