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Adventures Await!

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Welcome to Anderson's Outdoor Adventures! Where we specialize in making Adventures that turn into long lasting Memories. Your group is interested in "The Poe Springs Paddle". A beautiful 5 mile trip down the gorgeous Santa Fe River. This 5 mile trip would start at around 9am on Jan. 14, 2023. See the map and details below. Read our trip overview for more information. 

Click on the link below to purchase your ticket for this awesome Adventure!

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Forsake the daily grind and be whisked away on an unforgettable Adventure! 3 hours of a downriver paddle taking in the natural scenery that completely engulfs you, as you meander down the Santa Fe River. This Adventure offers a 1.5 hour trip through untamed wilderness followed by another 1.5 hours of beautiful riverside homes that are tucked away amongst the peaceful tree lined banks. This is a quiet and peaceful journey that is sure to create long lasting Memories. Finally you will come to rest at the serene, clear green, natural pool known as Poe Springs. Where you will disembark to enjoy a slow smoked BBQ lunch, spring-side. Yes, there is probability of seeing manatee on this Adventure! (We do ask that you do not molest or agitate the wildlife in any way, as the manatee are protected due to endangerment status). 


Details: Arrive at Poe Springs Park @ 9am (28800 NE 182nd Ave. High Springs, FL) where our shuttles will pick you up in groups and take you on a short ride to the beginning of your Adventure (Santa Fe Canoe Outpost. This enables you to go on the Adventure spoke about above, and when you are done your vehicle is waiting in the park where you end your Adventure. Lunch will be slow smoked BBQ chicken and pulled pork with baked beans and coleslaw. Be sure to bring a camera, sunscreen, and your sense of wonder. Swimming is allowed, the spring itself is a year-round 72°. Of course keep in mind that it could be quite chilly on this day so if you want to dip into the warmer water be sure to bring a towel and change of clothes, where your vehicle will be parked is a half mile walk from the spring so be advised. Anderson's Outdoor Adventures is pet friendly but the spring itself, is not. So, if you choose to bring your furry family member please note that the spring is off limits to them and they must be leashed inside the park. This trip is also cooler friendly. Just friendly in general. We just ask that you do not leave your trash anywhere but in proper receptacles. The river needs to stay as litter free as possible, so everyone can continue to enjoy its beauty.   

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