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Welcome to the team

We, here at Anderson's Outdoor Adventures are looking forward to a great season and are glad to have you as part of the team. Below you will find some information to fill out to get you on board.


Let's first, start with some information on who we are...

We are more than an average rental company. We are an outdoor adventure company! We specialize in providing our customers with fantastic adventures that turn into long lasting memories. AOA is a rare company, we are willing to customize what we offer to fit what the customer desires. If a customer wants to pontoon on a river in south Florida, we will accommodate - If a customer wants a 6 day kayak trip on the Suwannee river, we will accommodate - etc. These extra things that we are willing to do for our customers are part of the reason that we have been so successful. Another reason that we have been and will continue to be successful is our customer service. Which leads us to the next topic...

What we expect from our staff

Our clientele expect a great adventure. That adventure starts with a smile and should end with one too. 

•We expect you to demonstrate professionalism at all times (speech, demeanor, & performance)

•Always exhibit the upmost in customer satisfaction and customer service.

•We expect all of our staff to be on time and ready for work when they arrive. Ready for work includes being well rested and groomed. 

•Clothing should be clean, we understand that stains will happen. At least wash them. Also, remember that even though our uniform is relaxed it is still required that you stay in it. If you take a dip in the water (with permission from your manager) you are still required to get dressed before returning to work.

•Respect for all staff is expected as well. (This includes but is not limited to arguing.)

•Keep distractions to a minimum. In this field there are many ways to be distracted... Customers can be funny at times, flirty, drunk, or a combination of all and more. It is expected of you to understand that you are still at work and need to conduct yourself accordingly. Don't forget, you still have a job to do. Phone use should be kept to emergencies or down time

•Communication is paramount. If help is needed for a task, just ask for help. Keep others informed of situations that arise.

•Teamwork. If you can't work well with others, then this is not the job for you. We are a team and need you to become part of that team.

•Adaptability is needed in this job. (You may be scheduled to work at Poe Springs, but Santa Fe River Park needs extra help today. You have to be willing to adapt and switch locations for today.)

•Working while intoxicated is prohibited. 

•We know that emergencies happen, but the work must go on. We are a business and our business requires that a certain number of people be present. Just keep your call-ins to a minimum.

•If you are a driver, we have to demand that you maintain a clean driving record. 

•If you are a driver, you are not allowed to drive distracted this includes radio, cell phones, eating, drinking, or smoking.

•Driving or stopping outside your designated route needs to be approved by your manager. 

Beauty of Working for AOA

We are an outdoor adventure company and as such want you to have an adventure as well. We like to create a hard working but relaxed environment for our employees. We do not require you to wear a uniform per se. Some board shorts with a t-shirt is good enough. We do recommend looking into some comfortable water shoes though. On your days off, you and 1 other person can delight yourselves with a kayak or tube trip at no cost. You will have to load and put away the equipment yourself but it won't cost you a dime. Also feel free to enjoy the beauty of the parks we operate in. From Poe Springs to Manatee Springs, the beauty in these natural parks is breathtaking. 

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