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Guided Pontoon Tour

Full Day

Spring Hopper Tour

5-6 hours

Guided Fishing Tour

Full Day

 Multi-Spring Snorkel Tour

6 hours


Camping Rentals

See the springs from the view of the fish that live there. On our guided snorkeling tour you will get to snorkel, you will have the opportunity to snorkel 6 springs in one day.


We provide the kayak, the snorkel (if needed), and a guide to get you started and lead the way 

Whether looking for the average tent camping, a little tent glamping, or an RV to rest in... we have you covered.

Once you have reserved a campsite at your favorite spot, rent from us. We will deliver and set it up for you too.

Enjoy a smooth ride on the river, on one of our comfortable and eco-friendly pontoon boats. With Our Captain doing the driving

Up to 6 passengers

Coolers & Food permitted.

We provide the captain with the know how, the fuel and the vessel.

Wanting to see the springs?

How about, 6 springs in one day?

Join us on trip down the Santa Fe River, in either a Tandem Kayak or a Single to visit half a dozen springs that awe and inspire.


We provide the boat, and a guide to show you the way.


Our guided fishing tour gives you a great chance to land a Suwannee Bass (other fish too of course.

Row with the group or choose the individual experience. 


We provide the boat, a rod, tackle, lures, and a guide to give you any advice needed.

Add a Cooler for the Day

Add an AOA Adventure Bag

Add an AOA Dry Bag + Essientials

Add Some Lunch