Spring Hopper

6 Springs 1 Adventure

Wanting to see the springs?

How about, 6 springs in one day?

Join us on trip down the Santa Fe River, in either a Tandem Kayak or a Single Kayak to visit half a dozen springs that awe and inspire.


We provide the boat, and a guide to show you the way.


Springs that you will visit include:

Poe Springs ◘ Lilly Springs ◘ Mermaid Springs ◘ Rum Island Springs

 Gilchrist Blue Springs ◘ Ginnie Springs

You will spend 30 to 45 min. at each location, on your journey. Your guide will hold your boats and equipment while you visit and enjoy.

Just bring your camera, and enjoy the experience!

Adventures Today, Memories Forever!

Starting as low as
up to 2 people all day on the water
Add a Person
up to 2 people all day on the water