Management Page

This page is to assist management with staff. Below you will find the ability to fill out an incident report, an employee review form, and an employee write up form. Employee reviews should be done on a monthly basis, and incident forms should be done any time an incident occurs, write ups should be done when an infraction has occurred.

What we expect from our staff

Our clientele expect a great adventure. That adventure starts with a smile and should end with one too.

•We expect you to demonstrate professionalism at all times (speech, demeanor, & performance)

•Always exhibit the upmost in customer satisfaction and customer service.

•We expect all of our staff to be on time and ready for work when they arrive. Ready for work includes being rested and groomed.

•Clothing should be clean, we understand that stains will happen. At least wash them. Also, remember that even though our uniform is relaxed it is still required that you stay in it. If you take a dip in the water (with permission from your manager) you are still required to get dressed before returning to work.

•Respect for all staff is expected as well. (This includes but is not limited to arguing.)

•Chain of command is extremely important. Contact your direct manager before contacting someone else. 

•Keep distractions to a minimum. In this field there are many ways to be distracted... Customers can be funny at times, flirty, drunk, or a combination of all and more. It is expected of you to understand that you are still at work and need to conduct yourself accordingly. Don't forget, you still have a job to do. Phone use should be kept to emergencies or down time

•Communication is paramount. If help is needed for a task, just ask for help. Keep others informed of situations that arise.

•Teamwork. If you can't work well with others, then this is not the job for you. We are a team and need you to become part of that team.

•Adaptability is needed in this job. (You may be scheduled to work at Poe Springs, but Santa Fe River Park needs extra help today. You have to be willing to adapt and switch locations for today.)

•Working while intoxicated is prohibited. 

•We know that emergencies happen, but the work must go on. We are a business and our business requires that a certain number of people be present. Just keep your call-ins to a minimum.

•If you are a driver, we have to demand that you maintain a clean driving record. 

•If you are a driver, you are not allowed to drive distracted this includes radio, cell phones, eating, drinking, or smoking.

•Driving or stopping outside your designated route needs to be approved by your manager. 

Important Information

The links below have been read by our staff. You will also find forms that you may need. When you click the submit button on any form it will be sent to the general manager. 

Incident Report

Use this form for any incidents such as accidents or write-ups

Employee Review
Work Consistency
Work Quality
Team Work
Overall Assessment
Employee Write Up

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