Park Hours

9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., 365 days a year

AOA Hours

Our hours range from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the winter, climbing all the way to 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the summer. Just like the park we operate 365 days a year. 

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AOA proudly provides the following activities at this location

Pontoon Boat Rentals, RV Camper Rentals, Golf Cart Rentals, 

onsite Kayak/Canoe/Tube Rentals and Kayak/Canoe Trips.

Park Entrance Fees

$5 to $8 per person


4240 SW 86th Avenue

Bell, FL 32619

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Rental & Trip Prices 

In Park Rentals are based on an all day use and are due back by 6 p.m.

Single Kayak/Paddle Board $42

Tandem Kayak/Canoe $70


Single Kayak $35 Tandem Kayak/Canoe $50 



Tandem Kayak Rentals

9:30AM | 3-5 HOURS | ALL AGES 

For fun on the Suwannee River, just rent a tandem kayak! We will shuttle you to your chosen drop-in point, just select it at check out!

Group of 15 rentals or More, Click Here!


Single Kayak Rentals

9:30AM | 3-5 HOURS | ALL AGES 

For fun on the Suwannee River, just rent a kayak from us! We will shuttle you to your chosen drop-in point, just select it at check out!

Group of 15 rentals or More, Click Here!


RV Rentals

11AM | 2 Day min. | 6-12 sleepers 

We provide full-service camping equipment rentals with delivery, set-up, take-down, and pick up. So, that you can spend your time enjoying the great outdoors without all the work. All you do is pick your campground…

$134 per night

Canoe Rentals

9:30AM | 3-5 HOURS | ALL AGES 

For fun on the Suwannee River, just rent a canoe from us! We will shuttle you to your chosen drop-in point, just select it at check out!

Group of 15 rentals or More, Click Here!


Golf Cart Rentals

11AM | 2 Day min. | Licensed Driver Required 

Get around quickly with this quiet golf cart. 4 seater electric carts. We deliver to your campsite as well!

$100 per day

Pontoon Boat Rentals

9AM | 9 HOURS | 6-10 passengers 

Come enjoy a pontoon boat rental in the calm waters of the beautiful Santa Fe River or the historic Suwannee River! Enjoy the Florida sunshine and quality time with family or friends.




Camper Cruiser


Stay and play with the perfect bundle... 2 day package that includes an RV Rental and a Pontoon Rental, all cleaning and delivery fees and 36 gal. of fuel included. 



Upgrade to Camper Cruiser+ to add a 4 seater golf cart and have it all.




Add some active ways to enjoy your day... a package that includes 2 Tandem Kayak Rentals, 8 River Tubes, & a Volleyball for the day 



Upgrade to Celebrator+

to add a Corn Hole set for the day. Corn Hole and fun on the water... perfection!



Camping Pro

Have the relaxation you deserve... 2 day package that includes an RV Rental and a Golf Cart Rental, all cleaning and delivery fees included. 



Upgrade to Camping Pro+

to add 6 bags of fire wood to keep the fun going all night.


Have a Hart Pavilion? Continue the party on the water by adding a 10 person Pontoon Boat Rental. Delivery and fuel included



Upgrade to Pavilion Party+

to add a catered BBQ feast for 10 delivered to your Pavilion

Pavilion Party





Come visit Hart Springs

Come Visit Hart Springs, one of the Largest Spring-Fed Swimming Areas in the State of Florida.

Located on the Gilchrist Blueway Trail and the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, 55 miles of pristine riverfront, this is a destination that most people dream about when looking to experience true Florida.

A scenic stroll on the half-mile long boardwalk will take you down the run and out along the famous Suwannee River. Enjoy the scenic Suwannee River and other cypress hammocks and upland pine trails.

Also, Hart Springs is connected to the Florida Greenway trail and many more routes on improved rural roads, allowing for unlimited choices of exploration by bicycle, hiking, and more.

Hart Springs Park and Hart Springs Campground is a family-oriented recreation area, accessible by car and boat, and welcoming to novice and expert outdoor enthusiasts.

Hart Springs Campground and Things to Do

Along with the authentic Florida experience, you can also find true Southern Hospitality as well. Anderson Outdoor Adventures proudly provides a wide range of activities including Pontoon Boat Rentals, RV Rentals, Golf Cart Rentals, Canoe and Kayak equipment Rentals

Hart Springs Policies and Rules when Visiting

In order to preserve the safety, and authenticity of the grounds , please adhere to the following rules when planning a visit.

  • NO Alcohol

  • NO Pets (except in RV Campground)

  • NO Intoxicated People

  • NO fishing in the swimming area


A Few Extra Hart Springs things to know

When planning your visit please remember that the following things are not allowed on Hart Springs grounds.

When planning your visit please remember that while your are on Hart Springs grounds, there is …


Accessibility: Everyone is welcome at Hart Springs.

Hart Springs Park has handicap access into the water, parking, sidewalks, bathrooms, and boardwalk.

Please note, at this time, rental houses are not handicap accessible.

Popular activities include Kayaking out to and up the Suwannee River, or a calm Kayak trip down the Suwannee River back to Hart Springs, camping, hiking, biking, nature studies, snorkeling, diving, and picnicking. 

Top Activities at Hart Springs and Hart Spring Campgrounds

There are many activities that help you enjoy the scenery, the rivers, and trails, and the peace and quiet when you are at the Springs. Check out the following top rated most popular rentals available for your trip.

Kayaking & Canoeing in Hart Springs

Kayaking at Hart Springs is a wonderful experience. Either enjoy the crystal clear, jade colored waters of one of Floridas largest spring-fed swimming areas by hopping in a kayak and floating down the channel towards the Suwannee River, or begin your trip up river by choosing from one of our three starting locations and Kayak back down the historic Suwannee River ending back at beautiful Hart Springs. Either way it will be memorable as you enjoy the view of a variety of wildlife from your Kayak.

Peaceful, clear waters surround you as you observe turtle antics and see hawks, ibis, osprey and herons soaring above. Anhingas and cormorants dive for fish, breaking the surface waters below you. If you are really lucky you might even catch a glimpse of an otter or two!

Whether you’re a first-time adventurer or seasoned explorer, the springs and spring run will delight and astound you. If you choose to hop out of your kayak for a quick swim, enjoy the cool waters that maintain a constant 72 degrees year-round, but for comfort don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and towel.

Kayaking & Canoeing Down the Suwannee River

On your trip down the Suwannee River feel free to cast a line in the water and reel in a Suwannee Bass. Or just cruise along gazing up at the majestic cypress trees towering over the water, providing shade and habitat for aquatic wildlife, birds and insects. Watch for water snakes swimming, river turtles sunning, mullet fighting the current and ospreys fishing. Look for artesian springs, swallets and siphons in the water.

Things to enjoy while kayak and canoeing

Stretching from southern Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico, the Suwannee River winds 246 miles. Rent your kayak or canoe from us and choose your starting point from our list above, then be prepared to enjoy your journey on this very historic river.

Enjoy the sounds of birds singing in the trees and bees lazily buzzing in the warm summer breeze in a place where everything seems to move just a little bit slower. Observe how the color of the water changes at the confluence – where Hart Springs flows into the Suwannee River.

The Suwannee's flow is dependent upon rainfall, and water levels can fluctuate greatly. One trip to Hart Springs may yield a river so high that the water bursts the banks to flood some of the nearby trails, while another outing reveals a river at historic lows, leaving dry creek beds and new trails long forgotten.

No two paddle trips are ever the same, and you are guaranteed to find something new to experience each time, be it the wildlife, plants or people you meet. So, come back and see us next time too.

Kayaking up river and against the river’s current may be difficult for some.

Hart Springs Operations

Hart Springs is open from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., but plan for safety and return from your paddling adventure at least one hour before the park closes. We offer Canoe and Kayak rentals, Pontoon Boat Rentals, John Boat Rentals, Golf Cart Rentals, and RV rentals by reservation for this park.

  • For additional information on adventures by AOA, please email us at myaoafun@gmail.com or call (352) 507-0059

While visiting the park it is important to remember it's all connected!

These springs reflect the quality of water that we use every day. Please only swim in designated areas to avoid damaging sensitive areas, which are susceptible to erosion and pollution. Always remember to clean up trash and belongings that you bring into the park and remember: together we can protect ...the Real Florida. 

Scenic Trails and Boardwalks

Take a scenic stroll on our half-mile long boardwalk, that rises high above the waters level to give an excellent view of the spring and world below. The walk is open and breezy, with several overlooks. Follow it down the spring run to view the amazing convergence of the spring run merging with the dark water of the historic Suwannee River. Finally enjoy the scenic Suwannee River, the mesmerizing cypress hammocks and upland pine trails. When the boardwalk turns away from the river, it crosses a willow marsh and winds through the cypress swamps before ending at the campground.

Along the boardwalk and the trails take in the view of a large variety of topography, ecosystems, wildlife and habitats that exist for you to experience. As you explore the trail you might discover a geocache, an arrowhead or two, a canopy of trees with an entire orchestra of birds that can drown out every other sound, and maybe even a wayward deer. 

Listen carefully and you might hear some of the wildlife that call this park home, such as the red-shouldered hawk, barred owl, great blue heron and pileated woodpecker. 


Hart Springs in a nutshell

Encounter floodplains, hammocks, forested canopies, sinkholes and karst topography as you meander this path. The trail changes seasonally, so enjoy the color of North Florida's fall foliage. In spring you can see the bright flowers in both the canopy and on the ground.

Enjoy the quiet solitude of the woods and refresh your senses as you discover there is so much more to Hart Springs than the spring alone.